Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Raiding in Firelands: Shannox and Beth'tilac

 Our setup: Melee starts on Shannox and ranged starts split evenly on the two dogs (usually with more hunters on Rageface to get the crits necessary to break Facerage). When Shannox is near 40% melee switches off and to Riplimb. We get Riplimb very, very low (like 5% or below), kill Rageface, and switch back to boss. It's then an all out burn on Shannox while Riplimb's tank get's him trapped as much as he can. When it becomes too hard, ranged kills Riplimb and it's all on boss again. 

This is not the only way to do it - just our way. Starting on the dogs and killing them in some other combination also works, it's just whatever your guild feels is easiest. 

The biggest thing about this fight for melee is not standing in crystal traps. Shannox will turn towards the person he is throwing a trap at. Deadly Boss Mods now announces who the trap is on, but the first week it didn't and I still find Shannox turning a good indicator. If he turns towards me I look more carefully, if not, I keep hitting. 

Things to watch out for:
  • When Shannox hurls his spear little fire erupts in a spiraling circle. Usually we're on the boss and far enough away that this isn't a problem for the melee. However, if you're on the dogs or closer than normal, watch out for the little balls of fire and move before they 'splode on you.
  • The boss's cleave. It's big. And it hurts. Stand on his butt at all times.
  • Immolation traps - you can eat one with shamanistic rage on if you really need to. However this isn't a strategy to manage traps, just a tip if you find yourself having to. 
Shannox drops the Fireland's ugliest helmet but it's easier to get than our tier helm. Once your hunters are done squabbling over it, try to get it. This mace also drops, and is an upgrade, but Gatecrasher is sexier.

Giant spiders! I love giant spiders! They're fuzzy and kind of cute, and all of their icky-ness goes away because they're big. Which doesn't make any sense but all I know is that I'd take tarantulas over little spiders any day.

Upstairs: Luckily for me, I get spend quality time with Beth'tilac. At the beginning of the fight I put rockbiter on my weapon, taunt down a spinner, reapply windfury, and ride its webbing up. You can also have rockbiter on a weapon in your bag and just weapon switch. Avoiding the lava pools (signaled by a meteor hurling towards you) and jumping down at the right time are all that's required up here.  Beth does do a large AOE so I throw a couple stoneclaw totems and a shammy rage while upstairs. Make sure you jump down through the MIDDLE of her web. And by jump, I just mean run through. If you literally jump as you go down you can glitch it and not get the handy slow-fall webbing. If you fall through anywhere but the middle you will also take fall damage. Middle good. Everywhere else, bad.

Downstairs: Word of warning, I have never been downstairs. What I can tell you is based on helpful hints from a melee friends that have. Usually melee (espeically aoe poor ones like enhance shamans) will be focusing on the drones. Drop magma totem and earthbind totem if spiderlings are getting too close. (Edit: I fell through the web like a pro the other night, so I spent some time downstairs. Spiderlings die super quick so magma + singletarget + chain lighting with maelstorm proc will finish them off quick if your ranged let some through. Just keep your eyes peeled).

Burn Phase:  You know the drill - stack behind the boss, faceroll, collect loot. (Also, pop damage cooldowns, eat your lock cookies, stay alive).

Shatterskull Bonecrusher also drops off Beth as does this ring. The haste on the ring is gross but it's a base stat upgrade. It has less mastery than the Signet of the Elder Council though, so don't roll on it unless no one else needs it. And I imagine someone else needs it.

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