Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heroic Shannox

For this boss, everything is exactly the same as normal, only we will now waste a global CD every 10 seconds to replace our totems, since we’ll be chasing the boss all over the map. 

No really, that’s it. 

Our overall strategy is to have everyone attacking the boss, except for one arcane mage and one hunter, who are responsible for breaking Facerage and for leading Rageface into a trap.
Shannox’s tank keeps him in constant motion 1) to avoid melee traps 2) to give Riplimb’s tank the max distance possible to run and trap. 

This means melee is in almost constant motion. Now I don’t know about you, but I put my extra talent points in slots other than Totemic Reach. And even if you did spec into it, you’ll still be moving so much that you will have be constantly reapplying totems so that they don’t get out of range. So hotkey that totemic call button and get ready to dps on the run. Heroic Shannox will be down in no time. 

(Hint: If Riplimb’s tank dies around 20% or less. DON’T STOP! Treat it just like Chimaeron. Sure he’ll go down the threat table killing off DPS, but you should get Shannox before Riplimb gets you.) 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Countdown (to Insanity)

I didn't post anything on the Firelands nerfs when they came out because it really seemed like a non-issue to me. My group was only 2/7 in heroics at the time, and  getting Lord I-Can't-Step-On-Volcanoes seemed more luck than anything else. We were about to hit a wall.

Then nerfs came  and we got up to 5/7 in one week. Hint they were too easy? Maybe. Alysrazor, Domo, and Beth gave us a bit of a hard time; but, we adjusted our strategy, tried again, and got them a couple times later. Sure they'd been 'dumbed down,' but it was nice to be able to see the fights and make progress on them.

Enter Heroic Baelroc. 22 attempts on him tonight. The level of confusion in our raid may have killed some of us. Thank goodness none of us were playing in the same room. Bodily harm could have resulted after that one melee dragged tormented through all of us. Or the healer ran into melee, got tormented, then ran back out. Or countdown targeted both channelers, as they stared helplessly at each other, unmoving.

I was frustrated at first, but I know we'll get him eventually. The main point of this little post? THANK YOU BLIZZ FOR NERFS! If this is what all of the fights would have been like pre-nerf, I'm pretty sure I would have snapped and murdered my guild. You'd see it in the morning news,"girl loses it, stabs guildies, screaming 'tormented take the crystal! NO THE OTHER CRYSTAL!!' ".

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

But she's 3 feet in front of me!

Everytime Beth'tilac is about to do Smoldering Devestation, this part of Mulan is all I can hear in my head:

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Congratulations Ale! I expect you to carry us through every raid now. I hope my many, many deaths were worth this shiny staff.

I think my favorite part were the people who logged on after the beginning of the event. "Why is there a dragon?" "What's going on?" And, my personal favorite, "DPS LFG for whatever that thing in the sky is!"