Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Plea (for Pants)

I hate robes.

I mean really, really hate them. My favorite tier set for Shamans is tier 5. Why? It has pants. Glorious, glorious pants. I didn't even play WoW until Wrath and I still like tier 5 the best. My entire playable shaman existence has revolved around robes. Bah.

Shaman Tiers 1 - 12 (Note the distinct lack of PANTS)

I realize this is a contentious issue. My elemental and restoration brethren might feel that pants are beneath them.  They are world-class casters and healers, they deserve to wear the robes of their station. I get that.

I, however, am down in the trenches. With the paladins, rouges and the warriors and the bears and the kitties (who might be wearing robes, but you'd never know).We're moving about, running around, whacking big things with our bodies or sharp things attached to our bodies. How - I ask you - how can I effectively maneuver around Shannox's traps or dexterity shamble over Beth'tilac's web, if I am wearing a DRESS?!

Is that why my expertise rating has to be so high? It's not to learn how to hold an axe, it's to learn how to move around without tripping on the hem of my skirt.

I'd say ret paladins understand me, but it would be a lie. You guys got pants all the way until Tier 10. Tier 12 also gives you a robe, but that's 2 out of 12. My sympathy is slight.

Is it a coincidence that the best-in-slot legs for enhance shamans in 4.1 were pants? I think not! I once volunteered to sit out on a heroic Mamgaw run. "Sure, let some others in so they can get experience, we've got him on farm status," I said. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. The pants dropped. My beautiful beautiful pants. I could see them but I could not equip them, as my guildies reminded me over and over gleefully linking them in chat. They have never dropped again since.

Please Blizz, alleviate my pain (caused somewhat by constantly tripping over my robes and flat onto my face) and give enhancement shamans pants. 

Looking more closely I realize Tiers 1, 6, 8, and 12 also have pants. The only problem? They're hidden by robes. So it's as if there are no pants.

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