Friday, July 15, 2011

On UIs

I decided a few nights ago to tackle my UI. I had the required addons (DBM, recount. omen) but it was a pretty messy set up. Sure nothing was floating in the middle of the screen - but it wasn't sleek and streamlined like the super-glossy, super-organized UIs I've seen.

So I spent a few hours downloading more addons, making everything aligned to the bottom, color-coordinate, and all. After I was finished I stared at my new UI and then realized, I had no idea where anything was. The next day I ran a dungeon and I swear my dps was a couple thousand lower just because I didn't have visual confirmation I was pressing the right buttons.

Shadowed Unit Frames was gorgeous, but  I'm so used to seeing the interrupt bar on the Blizzard UI that I kept missing it on SUF (and yes, I remembered to turn it on). I've been playing with my messy set up for so long I think I'm doomed to use it forever. On newer alts I've taken to making my UI pretty first thing,  so I'm used to where everything is. But on Kaezhol, well, at least it's got an uh...eclectic charm? Maybe? 

Back to chaos it was. I scrapped half the addons I had added and decided my UI was ugly and proud of it. At least I know where stuff is again, that's what matters right? I did keep Omni CC and set up some PowerAura timers though - it really helps me to know when I can fit an earth shock in there and squeeze out just an extra bit of dps.

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