Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LFR - Why do I keep checking leader?

I think I have a problem.

Normally I raid with my guild, so I've only qued for LFR 5 times. 4 times on my shaman and once on my warrior. Of those 5 times, I landed the raid leader spot in 4 of them. I noticed that I had the leader flag checked, and I didn't unceck it. Why? Why didn't I uncheck it? Does my subconscious hate me?

Actually no. Turns out (at least in my limited experience), spamming useful hints with raid warning pretty much keeps 24 other people in line. Now I'm assuming about a third of the people in LFR at any given time actually know what to do. They also might shout out helpful things like "GET OUT OF THE PURPLE" but nothing quite beats the ping! of raid warning. The other two-thirds might be a little confused, but they can read, and so adapt quickly. Usually - there's one or two that you might have to sacrifice to the derp gods, but so be it.

And there are some that disagree with you. Especially on Yor'sahj. But, raid leader powers take care of that too. We can all debate the slime kill order until the end of time, but the people follow the /rw. Hell, I called out black once, leaving both green and red alive. It was a stupid call, and I immediately questioned my own intelligence, (ala "WTF AM I THINKING") but it didn't matter. The people followed. And it worked (mostly b/c green aoe damage in LFR is negligent, but still).

Still, it's amazing to me what small bits of organization will do. Sure, wipes occur, but I noticed not as many people drop if the wipe occurs and there's been fight communication. Everyone seems more willing to stick around if there's been a bit of group interaction.

So if you know your stuff, been around the block a few times, please, please check the raid leader flag. Typing /rw hit the button during Ultraxion makes all the difference between an easy LFR experience and giving up all hope for humanity because they can't hit a goddamn button.

Or maybe I've just been really lucky and LFR is still filled with crazy, brain-dead degenerates. But I've gotta hope...


  1. Great point! I'll keep this in mind next time I queue. Never thought to check the box before, but I'm sure I could do a decent job at directions. I usually end up spamming things like "STACK" and "now dps the Amalgamation!" in /say anyway.

  2. You should join Twitter with me. It's new and scarey, and I know people would appreciate your art and posts!

  3. Exactly! I figured I shouted things anyway, might as well make it official sounding =P

    And Twitter? Hmmm. I thought about it after reading your post, you made a lot of sense. But it is scary! I'll join on the New Year I think, forge ahead! Join you in tweeting!