Friday, December 2, 2011

4.3 Dragonsoul First Impressions

A couple days into 4.3, I've been able to run all the new dungeons, plus the new raid. Here are my thoughts: 

New Dungeons

End Time has a cool, cool setting. Bosses easy in heroic Firelands gear, but just the design is awesome. I love the bronze dragon flight. They are so twisted in lore. What's really up? We may never know. Poor Normy.
Hour of Twilight is a trip back to Northrend. I was having Dragonblight quest flashbacks the entire time. But it does continue to the string of quests that really make you feel like you're in the middle of the this whole "get the Dragonsoul or ALL ELSE IS LOST!" 
Well of Eternity SO COOOOOL. And pretty. The Well, spiraling down throughout the whole dungeon is an excellent touch. Also: Azshara! I can't wait for Mists of Pandaria when she's an actual raid boss (it'll happen, you'll see).

Dragonsoul Raid
 Deathwing circles Wrymrest the entire time you're fighting in the first section. Scared the crap out of me the first time he swung towards us. I like that it's in wyrmrest. it makes Northrend not feel completely forgotten (though we get there through Caverns of Time...a little roundabout). On one hand, as a raider, I was glad I could hop right into DS and start raiding. On the other hand, as a lore nerd, I would have liked a few required quests ahead of time, tie it all in. I guess the new dungeons do that -  I just did them in opposite order.
Though the falling dragons makes me wonder if they're rehashed models from normal Northrend when Malygos' forces were fighting. Reskin that red as green or yellow or blue or black and bam! New war.
Morchok was so.very.easy. We had 2 people DC, relog, and rejoin (though one sadly got tele'd out) and we still got him on the first attempt.
Warlord Zon'ozz entrance is pretty fun. Hurtle me into a gaping maw? Wheeeee. The fact that he is Pong reincarnate, come back haunt us every more?! 14 wipes later the General is dead. We finally mastered pong. I think personally it's pong's way of staying relevant. Don't forget me bitches, or I won't hit the giant boss hitbox. Mwhahaha.

Yor'Sahj the Unsleeping. Skittles. Skitttlessssss. Once you know what color slimes play nice with each other, he's pretty easy. I was distracted half the fight watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and was still able to kill everything. Skittles because each slime is a color of the rainbow!
Aspects are the best part of this whole raid.
Ultraxion requires you to push a button. At a certain time. Can you push that button? Can you even see that button or has your super customized UI hidden it? This guy is also a pretty steep DPS check, but I'm saying most our wipes came from button troubles.
Lootship: Part2
Warmaster Blackhorn started out with "hey guys, remember lootship?" And then we all nodded but agreeded this guy was no lootship.  ... He totally is.

Spine of Deathwing starts with a cinematic. Hint, this cinematic pulls everyone into the fight, no matter where they are. Buying gems in the temple? Too bad.YOINK, onto Deathwing you go. My guildies weren't very happy with me for that one. Actual attempts have a fast learning curve. Every time he does a barrel roll I giggle a little.
Madness of Deathwing has an awesome setting. Maelstrom. All the aspects behind you. Truly epic. Actual fight? We're still working on. Getting very good at dying though! 


  1. Thanks! I took it after I flung myself from the ship. Anytime I'm somewhere that you can fall off of, I have to know if you can jump. It's a horrible compulsion. Makes for a cool picture though :D