Friday, December 9, 2011

Heroic Alysrazor

Heroic Alysrazor's changes come in the first phase. The adds still come, but with more health, and are a bit more staggered out. Meteor's also drop into the middle and must be stopped (i.e. killed by ranged) before they reach the walls and explode. The meteor is crucial because after a few seconds Alysrazor will cast a giant firestorm, and you have to hide behind the meteor to avoid it.  It goes:
Add 1
Add 2
Add 3
Add 4
Fiery Vortex
Lather, Rinse, Repeat

With 4 melee to an add (in 25m) they all drop in time. However, depending on your DPS and how well all 4 are paying attention and not trying to chase the hatchlings, Add1 and Add2 can cause some problems. We had to assign a hunter to get the first interrupt off Add 2, because Add 1 was just barely dead and none of us could make it over to the second in time (not even with ghost wolf...though it helps).

If you don’t kill Add 2 before the meteor drops, it’s not the end of the world. They won’t cast Fireball while Firestorm is going on. Just make sure you kill her ASAP after the storm is over.

Don’t know what side to hide behind? Follow the crowd. Angle your camera up and make sure the rock is between the fiery bird and you.

Fire tornadoes still hurt. I drop stoneclaw as a precaution. We pop hero as soon as the tornadoes are in, because it usually lasts longer than the down phase does.

As long as the melee can manage adds, and the ranged can handle meteors (plus help on the hatchlings from both when appropriate. Read: when neither adds nor meteors are up) Alysrazor will go down.

Swag: Pants!


  1. I found that setting Alys to Focus was most helpful for me for Firestorm positioning, because it makes a huge red dot on the minimap. Then I just got lazy and started following other raid members who I knew to be intelligent. =D

    Srsly though, we wiped on this !@#$%^& fight for like 3 weeks before the nerfs, then after nerf one shotted. I was like....oh. /rage

  2. I figured out that with a very lucky combo of glyphed stoneclaw, shammy rage, and self-healing, I can live through Firestorm.

    Don't recommend it. But it can be done. =p

    We got stuck on heroic Rhyo pre-nerf.I'll never know the horrors of Alys.

  3. Count yourself lucky, my friend.