Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now with pants! (sort of)

Finally found a transmog I like. I love the shoulders of this tier, but - as I've made clear - I hate kilts. Dresses. Skirts. So I mixed n' match to make it work for me.
Head, Wrist, Hands, and Shoulders: Tier 13
Chest, Waist, Boots: Hunters' look-alike from BC dungeons
Pants: Mail Combat Leggings (green drop in Scarlet Monastery)


  1. That is an awesome outfit. It all works really well together. Nice work!

    1. Thanks! I thought I was going to go crazy farming for the chest. It drops only from the Opening of the Dark Porta/Black Morass dungeon. @___@ Test in patience right there. But, I love the end result so I'm glad I stuck with it.