Thursday, March 1, 2012

Challenge of the Six

Much has happened in my WoWverse since my last post. Not the least being my guild has gone its separate ways. At least until MoP. It was very dramatic disbanding at first, but those of us that stuck around until the end had a couple of good discussions (and way, way too many Titanic references).
I'll still be playing WoW, just not 12 hours a week. Hm...maybe I should make another shaman...

As for the Six Challenge, I was tagged by Gladly of The Ready Check. Almost all the pictures I've taken are on my external HD. Which I am too lazy to go find and attach. Thus, all I have is the 6th image in my WoW Screenshot folder. Without further ado:
This, my children, is what happens when you and another player manage to hop on drakes at the exact same time in the BC Durnholde dungeon.

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