Friday, January 20, 2012

The next playable race: Dragons?

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the ending cinematic for Cataclysm don’t…OK, no. There’s a statute of limitation on these things. It’s freely available to watch in-game. SPOILERS AHOY!
The Dragon Aspects are mortal now. This raises a lot of questions:
Do they still have any powers?
How mortal is mortal?
What will they do next?

I’m thinking that yes, these guys can still put up quite a fight. I mean they have been around for thousands of years. Surely they’ve all mastered some ‘mortal’ skills like magic or druidism. The probably now have the life expectancy of elves or draenei or something. Still going to be around a long, long time.

There’s a lot of interesting lore questions that depend on how much power the dragonflights retain. Can the Bronze Dragonflight still watch over the timeways, albeit with more limited power? Yrsera is probably a pretty good druid, does her flight start integrating with the folks up in Moonglade?

Do the flights remain neutral in the upcoming Alliance vs. Horde extravaganza expected in MoP?

If they don’t…could we get the point where we have dragons as a playable option? The flights, now mortal, find themselves without a clear purpose for the first time in their existence. Maybe some members go Alliance, some Horde. Individually based, much like what is happening for the Pandrens.
Each flight represents a different class:
Red = Warrior
Green = Druid
Blue = Mage
Bronze = Priest
Black = Warlock
Dragon palyers can choose from any race, and remain in that race during combat (albeit with weird eye colors and possible dragon horns). The only exception is when flying. Instead of mounts they get to transform into their dragon form.

Of course, this allows for all the “I’m a half-elf, half-dragon, half-orc Princess, who has to marry King Varian and Thrall, while at the same time saving the universe with my magical love powers!” characters to be that much closer to actually existing…but is it a risk I’m willing to take to fly around a dragon? Maybe…

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  1. I would love to be able to play a dragon~! xD
    However, I bet everyone else would too.
    There would have to be a character limit per account like with being a DK.