Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morchok Guide

Setup: Morchok does heavy damage to the two closest players, so the tanks should be together in front, while everyone else in the raid is stacked together at max melee range. This ensures that every can get AOE heals/protection for stomps, while avoiding the chance that you eat an overpowered stomp meant for a tank.

Abilities to watch out for: 
1) Stomp - Every couple seconds Morchok will stomp the ground. This deals heavy damage spread across all players in range. Thus why we all stack. Glyphed stoneclaw is nice for stomp, as is shamanistic rage when it's up. Timing these two abilities becomes a lot more important in heroic mode. For now, just use them for every stomp they're up.

2) Resonating Crystal - In 25 man, seven people must be standing next to the crystal when it explodes. The crystal will spawn in random locations and attach tendrils to seven players. Depending on how far you are from the crystal, the tendril, and your screen, will be different colors. Red = too far/dead, yellow = you'll probably live but you'll waste a healers mana, blue = close/good.  Usually ranged and heals take care of this part, but be prepared to run out just in case things get screwy.

3) Black Blood of the Earth - after certain intervals Morchok will pull you all to him and start casting black blood. He will also drop pills around the outside. The goal is, as sooon as you can, shift into ghostwolf and run behind the pillars. Make sure you're a yard or two behind them so that the pooling blood doesn't catch you (as it's hit radius is wonky and sometimes goes through pillars. If you stand just right you can cast ranged attacks while safe from the blood. Ranged attack priority: Unleash Elements, Lava Bolt, spam lightning bolt. Yes, go find that lava bolt spell hidden in the elemental pages of your spellbook, dust it off, and click it. We're not very good casters though, I usually get only 4 to 5 hits off before the phase is over.

That's it. Morchok will go through one or two more blood phases. As long as you're stacked for stomp, the crystal is handled, and you don't stand in black stuff, you've got this down.

Swag: Ring (zone drop*), Trinket (zone drop), and badly itemized crit/haste gloves that you should only grab if you're wearing 359 gloves or you really want to piss of the hunters.
*Zone drop = these items drop from multiple bosses in Dragonsoul.

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