Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heroic Majordomo

Heroic Majordomo Staghelm is the opposite of normal. In normal mode, the goal is to take as many cleaves as possible. The goal of heroic is to take as few as possible and stay in cat mode as long as you can.

Raid cooldowns are saved for cat phases (usually taken to 7 or 8 except for when orbs are out, in which case 4 or 5).

We would only take one cleave in scorpion phase – and only the tank would actually take the cleave. That is because we didn’t want anyone else getting damaged and losing the attack buff. There’s a couple ways to make sure the tank can live through this. We worked with a paladin tank:
  • Have the tank and a priest alternate between Guardian King and Guardian Spirit.
  • Have a shadow priest stand with the tank and use dispersion.
Obviously this will be different with warriors or druids, just need to tweak cooldowns as necessary or have the raid eat a cleave and lose DPS if absolutely necessary.

All paladins should bubble the top DPS going into a seed phase. That way the highest DPS don't have to run out/get damaged and lose buff and can keep wailing on the boss while everyone else is dealing with the debuff. 

As enhance shamans, our focus is usually on the adds. Damange cooldowns for orbs and don't forget Fire Elemental if you get more than 2 out. Also: if the raid is in a pinch, you can sacrifice yourself and eat a cleave to keep the tank alive if only lesser tank CDs are up. Reincarnate and keep going. Just hope nothing else screws up…

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