Friday, June 17, 2011

Rebellious Elementals

Here's a quick question: if Deathwing tore Azeroth asunder and sent all the elemental planes into disarray/turned them against us players...why don't shamans have to deal with the backlash of it in their personal usage of the elements?

I know there are a few quests that have the player in general calm the elements or put unruly ones down, but I kind of wish there was something specific for shaman's that said "oh crap! Your fire elemental has gone rogue, you must get him back, prove to him he should be fighting for not against you!" (Of course, considering the amount of times my fire elemental has gone to stand in the corner instead of fighting mobs like he was supposed to, I might welcome his abandonment.)

What I'm suggesting kind of sounds like the return of class-specific quests, and it seems more like Cataclysm has moved away from those. Maybe that's a shame...I really think with how much the elements are going cuckoo in this expac we shammy players should feel some of the repercussions of relying on the elements. Even if it's just in a quick quest.

Heroic Chimaeron up next. Probably H.Magmaw in the same post since Chimaeron changes so little from the normal fight.

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