Monday, June 20, 2011

H. Chimaeron

While looking up reference pictures for the intro bit, I learned that Chimaeron has 3 arms and may in fact be the ugliest boss in BWD. Maloriak included. Of course I had never noticed this before because I spend 90% of my time tucked right between his tail and his leg. Best. Spot. Ever.

Heroic Chimmy is a lot like normal Chimmy. If you're an enhancement shaman anyway. Tanks and heals will be busy freaking out, your job is to whack away like you normally do. All the regular tips apply: don't throw your totems down till a few seconds in or Searing Totem might take a break and screw up the break-tank's timer. Do stack in for feud, do pop shamanistic rage during feuds when it is off cool-down, do throw out an extra chain heal or healing rain if you think your healers need the help or you see someone around you not going to make the massacre 10k cut off. Do drop your earth elemental during Phase 2, that extra 3 seconds he gives you before dying might be important.

The only thing you really need to watch out for is that your raid leader may call for everyone to switch to white hits only (where you just hit the boss, don't use any abilities) or to stop attacking completely. This is because you want to enter Phase 2 right after a feud phase, that way everyone is topped off and you have as much health/time as possible to bring Chimaeron down. This means bring up searing totem. You don't want to push the phase before the raid is ready and searing totem can accidentally do just that. Sure you can trying to blame it on the mages "searing flame is totally a mage attack, what are you talking about?" but I don't think your raid leaders will buy it for long. The reason being topped off is so important is that Neferaian joins the party and casts Mocking Shadows that inflicts a shadow DoT on everyone in the raid. You've got to get Chimmy down before the DoT brings the raid down. Do try to save ankh for Phase 2 - though with the shadow damage coming down you might die too quickly to be any help reincarnating - unless shamanistic rage is back up. Then you can pop it and live long enough to get a few good hits off.

That's all there is to this fight. We're rewarded with Chimaeron Armguards , our only wrist option. Hopefully you'll be luckier than I am and not have a hunter in front of you in the loot pool. Curse you hunters. Curse youuuuu!

Happy Raiding!

P.S. don't be that person who clicks the boss and starts the fight early. "But I was alt tabbing, it's not my fault -" no. Just no. Don't click the boss. End of story.

P.P.S. Does anyone else get possessive of their designated Chimaeron spot? I'm fairly attached to my spot right behind his leg, but I'll move if I have to. However, we've got a healer in the raid that refuses to start unless he is in His Spot.

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