Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heroic Shannox

For this boss, everything is exactly the same as normal, only we will now waste a global CD every 10 seconds to replace our totems, since we’ll be chasing the boss all over the map. 

No really, that’s it. 

Our overall strategy is to have everyone attacking the boss, except for one arcane mage and one hunter, who are responsible for breaking Facerage and for leading Rageface into a trap.
Shannox’s tank keeps him in constant motion 1) to avoid melee traps 2) to give Riplimb’s tank the max distance possible to run and trap. 

This means melee is in almost constant motion. Now I don’t know about you, but I put my extra talent points in slots other than Totemic Reach. And even if you did spec into it, you’ll still be moving so much that you will have be constantly reapplying totems so that they don’t get out of range. So hotkey that totemic call button and get ready to dps on the run. Heroic Shannox will be down in no time. 

(Hint: If Riplimb’s tank dies around 20% or less. DON’T STOP! Treat it just like Chimaeron. Sure he’ll go down the threat table killing off DPS, but you should get Shannox before Riplimb gets you.) 

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