Thursday, August 4, 2011


 You know, every time  I type out this boss's name  I have to mentally think "Aly's Razor," very slowly, in order to spell it correctly.

Quick Version: There are four phases to this fight. You will cycles through all four at least twice.
  1. While some ranged are flying through hoops and chasing the boss, we melee are on the ground taking out evil druid casters.
  2. Alysrazor crashes to the ground and you run around avoiding vortexes.
  3. The boss is pooped, so she lies there vulnerable while evil druids try to reenergize her.
  4. Flame on! Alysrazor is back up and ready to go. She’ll try to take out the raid before she heads back up. 
The battle always begins with a knock back and AOE damage. When the pull is signaled I drop stoneclaw and pop shammy rage and end up with little to no damage taken. (If this is the first pull, wait till after the dramatic intro to use them). 

Phase 1:
In 25man you need at least 3 DPS on each initiate side, but it’s probably safer with four. In 10man you need two. The casters fly down as fire birds then transform into druid-of-the-flame form and start casting. They will always start with an uninterruptable Brushfire, followed by Fieroblast, which can and must be interrupted. Even without talents we can usually interrupt every cast of Fieroblast. I say usually, because about 10% of the time, for no apparent reason, they’ll double cast. If this is the case you can drop grounding totem or have one of the other melee get it. I’ve had grounding totem miss, but I think it was a range problem.

The reason you need more than just yourself on the casters is because they come down at a preset time. You need enough DPS on them to kill them before the next lands.The always come down in this same order:
Stay out of the middle to avoid her frontal attack when she sweeps through the center. As for feathers – pick up a feather or two if you can, but wait until the second or third molting. Healers and flying ranged have priority.

There are worms. The tanks will be dragging the ugly hatchlings around to get them to eat the worms. Watch out for them, as at least two will always spawn in your way. The brilliance of wind shear is that it’s a ranged interrupt so just step back to avoid the worm’s flame.

After your caster dies there should be roughly 20 seconds left before phase 2. Pick the nearest hatchling/tank combo and start wailing on it.

Phase 2:
This phase is singularly responsible for 85% of our wipes. Either half the raid ends up dead because of the vortexes, or we use up all our battle rezes and then the tank dies. Long story short, learn to run in a circle and you will not wipe the raid.
If you have a feather or two, get to one of the middle to outside rings. Wait for the vortex to spawn and just follow it. The vortexes don’t start damaging immediately and you’ll have enough of a run speed buff to always stay behind it.

If you don’t have any feathers, you still have ghost wolf. You can also alternate between two lanes. Follow one vortex to start out, when one passes you going the other way turn 180 into its lane and follow it. Then another 180 again and follow one in your original lane. It’s kind of like a NASCAR race. Left, left, left, left.

Once you see the trick to the vortexes, they’re actually quite easy. At this point you will no longer fear a fiery death and can happily dance back and forth between them collecting rings to up your DPS in the coming burn phase.

Phase 3:
Stack on her tail, pop wolves, pop hero, and start mashing buttons. The better your tanks are at interrupting the reenergizers, the longer the burn phase lasts.

Phase 4:
Once her energy restores to 50, Alysrazor will get up and start doing heavy raid-wide damage as well as nasty attacks on the tanks. These attacks have a huge cleave range so make sure everyone but the tanks is stacked well on her tail. This is a great time for shamanistic rage. I also drop a glyphed stoneclaw right before she hits 100 energy, so that I have a bit of a shield when she knocks everyone back.

After the knockback it’s back to Phase 1. The adds still spawn in the same place, you’re still interrupting, etc. When she finally drops from the sky you have a chance at Moltenfeather Leggings, or if your raid AND your roll is really lucky, Flametalon of Alysrazor.


  1. I love your artwork so much I wanna marry it and have little artwork babies!!!!

  2. Haha aw - OK, but only if I get to visit the artwork babies on the weekends and spoil them with junk food.

  3. I think you were taking a break from posting in order to let me catch up haha. We just downed Ryolith, FINALLY, last night and then after a few attempts put Baelroc in the ground too. We did one attempt on the fire-bird-dragon in order to just see how it worked, and then called it a night. I look forward to putting Alys behind us as well, and also look forward to seeing your Staghelm and Rag posts. Keep up the great work!

  4. Heh - I've been super busy this past week. But, subconsciously it was totally to let your raid catch up. Ya. Let's go with that.

    Congrats on Lord and Baelroc. Hopefully the fire vortexes on Aly don't give you too much trouble.

  5. FINALLY! The bird has perished! We were basically banking 3 weeks of attempts on 2 colorblind healers who couldn't see tornadoes. But once we figured they could /follow another of our raiders, it became a whole lot easier. She gave me pants, and Baelroc gave me the Eye of Purification, so things are coming together. We start (and finish!!) Staghelm tomorrow. He looks like nothing a few attempts won't solve. Wish me luck! And keep up the great work!!

  6. Congrats on the down and the gear! I'm stubborn and refuse to use any MH that doesn't have agility on it (I'm a stubborn), but if you want to rock the int Eye, go for it!

    Hope you got Staghelm down by now, but if not good luck!

    Sorry I've been silent lately. In the middle of moving so life's been a bit crazy.